Monday, April 7, 2008

Still A Guy

Having lunch with my friend and ex-coworker, Matt. We're at a Panera Bread, enjoying the free WiFi. I know some consider this a yuppy haven, and I won't argue, but I do love the place. All kinds of people wind up here for lunch and coffee. We've got a heated business meeting going on 2 tables away. A job interview at the next table. A college kid studying behing us. A group of reitrees having coffee. A young couple furiously flirting just out of earshot.

Then there's Matt and I all geeked out with our Wacoms, personal WiFi cards, external hard drives, etc. The people watching potential is perfect here.

The manager just said to the potential hiree, "Everything is made fresh the night before." Ahh, yes, fresh.

Here's the point of this post - Matt just mailed me these lyrics and I thought they were pretty funny and made me think of my husband, who doesn't hunt but is still pretty manly.

by Brad Paisley:

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