Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday Flowers

Yesterday was my birthday. My husband, though romantic, does not believe in buying flowers.

"I don't want to give you a gift that's just going to wither and die on the dinning room table," he says. I'm OK with this as he tends to buy me jewelry and electronics instead. But yesterday he surprised me with these flowers. (There was some jewelry involved too)

He is the coolest.



Monday, April 7, 2008

Super Pii Pii

Lunching with a geek is dangerous. Here's a funny link he showed me:

Still A Guy

Having lunch with my friend and ex-coworker, Matt. We're at a Panera Bread, enjoying the free WiFi. I know some consider this a yuppy haven, and I won't argue, but I do love the place. All kinds of people wind up here for lunch and coffee. We've got a heated business meeting going on 2 tables away. A job interview at the next table. A college kid studying behing us. A group of reitrees having coffee. A young couple furiously flirting just out of earshot.

Then there's Matt and I all geeked out with our Wacoms, personal WiFi cards, external hard drives, etc. The people watching potential is perfect here.

The manager just said to the potential hiree, "Everything is made fresh the night before." Ahh, yes, fresh.

Here's the point of this post - Matt just mailed me these lyrics and I thought they were pretty funny and made me think of my husband, who doesn't hunt but is still pretty manly.

by Brad Paisley:

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Closer look.


Drink Milk Eat Chicken

Still doing the show. Long day. The hotel couldn't switch our room due to last minute on-line reservations.

After the show we didn't want to come back to the hotel room, so we checked out the Holyoke Mall which was...odd. There's a Target, AC Moore, Christmas Tree Shops and a Tailor all right in the mall. It was pretty crowded and a little unkempt.

A customer suggested a sushi restaurant that we decided to check out. Vicki hadn't ever had sushi before but was up for trying it. It was a little place called Ichibon and it was fantastic! We tried a bunch of things and had a blast.

On the way back, this is what we encountered in the parking lot.



Friday, April 4, 2008


And the trash behind the night stand (that does not belong to us).


More Good Stuff

Eeew. What is with the black stuff on the wall behind the toilet????



Can you see the stuff in the tub?


Mystery Stain

This is why we're not taking our shoes off.


Another Quilt Show

Well I'm in Chicopee, MA.

We're setting up for a show here. Not really having fun. The vendor spaces are small and when we arrived we had to move a bunch of extra tables + things out of our spot. At least our area is better than some others who don't have the room they thought they were getting. This is an expensive show too, so I can understand their frustration.

What I really want to post about tho is our hotel room. We're in a Days Inn and let me strongly urge you never to stay here. It's disgusting! I mean FILTHY. Note the pics I'm posting.

There's even trash behind the night stand. They're giving us a new room tomorrow. Let's hope it's cleaner. We'd check out completely but we don't know where else to stay and the boss is paying.



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild Show

Worked a booth at the Thimble Pleasures Quilting Guild's bi-annual quilt show.

This is an invitation-only guild full of talented quilters. I'd heard that they were a pretty traditional group and was expecting to see a lot of well executed but old fashioned style quilts. That is so not what I found. There was a fantastic range of quilting styles and technical difficulty. The thing that most suprised me, though, was the "bling factor." There were a bunch of pieces, big and small, that made use of beading and, my personal fav', hot fix crystals.

Way cool.

As soon as I get a moment, I'll post some pics of the show. Which leads me to another thought - I give BIG credit to this particular guild for two things that I appreciated most about the show:

1. They not only had hostesses (aka white glove ladies) out on the floor of the show, but they had the gloves on a table at the entrance so anyone could take a pair and touch the quilts for themselves. Great idea.

2. They allowed pictures! Kudos to them! I love being able to catalogue a show I've been to and remember not only the best pieces on display, but the overall feel of the show itself. Lots of other guild shows will hunt you down and practically draw-and-quarter people with cameras. Shame.

From a vendor perspective, it was a great venue. The guild members were very supportive and stopped at the booth often. Lots of them bought, which i appreciated immensely. Also liked the hospitality area - lots of goodies and a nice quiet place to take a breather.

Heard they had around 800 attendees on Saturday and, by my estimation, at least 300 on Sunday. Great turnout, no doubt due to their excellent marketing.

Events like this are always an exhausting pain in the ass for vendors, but usually are worth it. We made a lot of contacts and let a lot of people know about the shop I work at. Might have sold a couple machines too, which would make me happy.

Other random observations about the show... men and kids got in free, so there were a lot of them, which was very cool and definately added something to the crowd... they did a scavenger hunt for kids - they had to find stuff on the quilts in the show... great documentation on the quilts... totally not boring (yay!)... just the right amount and mix of vendors... fun charity events... I bought, like $20 worth of rafle tickets and didn't win the show quilt or one of the damn goody baskets (sigh)...high-class... all of the show workers were extremely friendly and non-snobby.

Gotta say, this whole 'sewing for a living' thing is... interesting. It's been a tough transition out of the corporate world. There are benefits and pitfalls to depending on your passion to make a living... particularly when I'm not really working at my true passion, but sort of a division of it.

This bliss-as-vocation topic is best explored in another entry.


Yet another test of mobile posting. This is a swan I saw last Wednesday. The first one I've seen on the lake so far this spring.



This is a test of blogger on the go. This is only a test.